A personal series where I dove deep into my, my mothers and fathers family archive.

A healing and perspective broadening project about how I see, and saw my father beyond my childhood and his alcoholism.

My project is about fluidity and manufacturability of memory. How photographs can create new memories. And the different stages of seeing, in changing memories.

My father and I had a difficult start in my childhood because of his alcoholism.

Forgiveness is the starting point from which my project was born.

This project is a means to get closer to my father, and look beyond the vision of pain to him and my childhood and thereby create a new start.

In my project and presentation, I look from three different perspectives:

1) the perspective of the past from my mother, father and my experiences and feelings at the time;

2) the phase and perspective of deformation in memories and

3) the new open perspective.

The process of deformation has become an experience for me. Through my research in my mother's family archive, I discovered ideal childhood photographs. This gave rise to questions and new perspectives, I could create new memories from these photo’s. Because I couldn’t remember everything from the past, only some memories. It  gave new versions of the same childhood I experienced, without the context of my father's alcoholism.

The photos were printed on fabrics from my childhood. Connected to my fathers, mothers and my own home now. The perspectives of these 3 archives together form a new story, a new larger perspective beyond pain and these old stories.